About Us

 Our company was founded in 1962 and has evolved to Access Sales  Associates, Inc. through several name changes. For over 50 years, our  company has been providing the best solutions and support for our  customers. 

Our mission: to achieve sales growth for  represented manufacturers, while striving to be the best and most  respected industrial representative firm in our four state area.


Access Sales Associates, Inc. promotes products to  end users involving a network of industrial, machine tool, and  contruction supply distributors in this Midwest market area. We provide  the end users with the best solutions to their manufacturing needs. This  is accomplished by coordinating and facilitating the joint efforts of  Access Sales Associates, Inc.,  its principals and  distributors.  We are positioned to  provide the technical  expertise, communication and service that ensures our products will  reach all potential customers. The majority of our time is spent with  end users promoting our products to solve problems  and increase  production. We work with distributor salespeople making joint end-user  calls, performing in-plant demonstrations and product testing. We also  conduct sales meetings, train inside/outside distributor salespeople and  serve as the liaison between manufacturer, distributor and end user.  Access Sales Associates, Inc. believes it is  important to sell and promote a limited number of closely related  products/companies in order to provide market coverage with  complimentary products. This allows us to bring exceptional solutions to  the end user and distributor.